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We offer 5 services. Which are Leadership Development Programs, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching and Organisational Learning. And fifth we offer Impulse speeches.

Our clients` driver is the will to explore questions & discover answers around the own learning in the workplace. “How does my organisation learn?”  “Why is learning key and what are the main obstacle to real learning in organisations?”.

What & Why is “reflection IN action”?

In our opinion the best way to learn- learning understood as modifying and adapting behaviour, processes, goals, cooperation to a new reality-  is to learn how to learn. People learn how to learn via reflection about their actions, or via “reflection-ON-action”. If we think about what we do and how we do it, we are able to gain insights that are strong enough to change and to develop. In short: To learn. It is a sophisticated believe but when we engage in reflection on our actions we can learn how to get to “reflection-IN-action”. This is the purpose and meaning of Reflection in Action.

We bring this mindset to our clients with our Services our Research and our Impulses. We help people to become “reflective practitioners” in order to engage in an organisational work culture of transformation. This is why Reflection in Action exists.  At Reflection in Action we are leaning on the visonary thinking of Donald Schon and the fascinating tradition and innovation of psychodynamic findings and mindsets about individuals & organisations from Melanie Klein, Isabel Menzies and their followers.

We are at your service with open ears, state of the art interventions and practical experience.

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